During this past summer (2008), I contracted ($464)with Amadeus Home Music School for 8 guitar lessons for my daughter. Towards the end of these 8 guitar lessons, they charged me ($464) for another 8 sessions without me ever having signed a contract for the additional sessions.

Since my daughter was about to start 10th grade, I was not ready for her to continue the guitar lessons until I felt assured she could keep up with her school work. So, I complained via email that I had not agreed to any more lessons. They said that they'd look into it. Weeks went by with no response from them.

I sent another email and they said they were still looking into it. Then, the contracted music teacher agreed to call them and tell them that he never provided any music lessons past the first 8 sessions. I sent them another email, and again, they told me they are looking into it. At this point, they don't even bother to respond to my emails.

Beware of these folks.

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I have been very pleased with Amadeus Home Music School! Somewhat high prices but "you get what you pay for".


Amadeus Home Music School complaint:

"I signed my grandson up for music lessens Dec 2007, no lessons. I have called and called and here it is Oct 2008 and no refund. Do not use these people. They are scam artists. They have a Customer service contact number on their web site. Call it and you get answered by a recording and will never get a call back so don't waste your time. If you have money to throw away here is the place to do it. They stay in business because of fools like me. Hear one and all don't be a fool and pay money with out checking them out."

This is just one of several I have found in just a few minutes on Google... search string: 'Amadeus School of Music review"

I was contacted by them to become one of their teachers for the central Ohio area. I have yet to be paid after 7 lessons (supposedly would be paid after every four lessons.) My confidence level in them has plummeted especially after finding these bad reviews. I am now discussing a Class Action with my attorney and asking all victims of this scam to sign up.

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